Storage Rack Production Line

Storage Rack Production Line

We supply a complete Metal Shelf Production Line for the production of all types of metal storage racking systems including the aluminum shelves and stainless steel shelves. The metal storage shelves can be produced in the roll forming line. Steel Shelf Production Line is consisting of the decoiler, straightener, feeder, roll forming machine, punching press, cutting machine and the stacking unit.

What is Storage Rack

A shelf (pl. shelves) is a flat horizontal plane which is used in the houses, business, store or elsewhere to hold items that are being displayed, stored or offered for sale. A lot of people tend to prefer a metal shelf over a wooden one, for various reasons. First of all, metal shelving is in many cases more economical than wooden shelving. That is because the production of wooden shelves involves more craftsmanship and skill. Moreover, metal shelves,also called storage racks, do not require a lot of maintenance. They can be easily kept clean and tidy. Even repairing a metal shelf is much simpler than trying to repair a wooden shelf.

Metal Storage Rack Heavy Steel Shelves
Metal Aluminum Steel Shelves Roll Forming Line

Metal Rack Profiles

Stainless Steel Shelves
Steel is used abundantly in shelving projects, especially by industries, since it has many advantages over other types of shelving.

Chrome Wire Shelves
Chrome wire shelving is popular for its relative inexpensiveness, which is strong and can resist denting better than other metal shelving.

Wrought Iron Shelves
Wrought iron furniture is widely known to be the most elegant style of furniture, as well as being classy, design friendly and durable.

Metal Shelf Steel Storage Racks Turkish
Metal Storage Rack Steel Shelves from Turkey
Stainless Steel Storage Racking Shelf Production Line