Road Barrier Production Line

Road Barrier Production Line

We supply a complete Road Barrier Production Line for the production of the steel road barriers and guardrails. All steel road barriers and traffic barriers can be produced in the roll forming line. A Road Barrier Production Line is consisting of the decoiler, straightener, feeder, roll forming machine, punching press, cutting machine and the stacking unit.

The road barrier production line is capable to make different shapes, according to the customer design. The length, width and design of the road barriers can be selected on the touch screen display panel.

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What is Road Barrier

Road barriers (sometimes called Armco barriers) are also known as guardrails or guard rails and crash barriers. Traffic barriers keep vehicles within their own way and protect them from crashing with other obstacles. Traffic road barriers can also be used to protect vulnerable areas like school yards and pedestrian zones. Road barriers also prevent the vehicles from falling into the cliff or gaps.

Plenty of material is used to produce road barriers, but the metal road barriers are considered the strongest type.

Road Barrier Types

  • Roadside Barriers are used to protect traffic from roadside obstacles or hazards.
  • Median Barriers are used to prevent vehicles from crossing over a median and striking an oncoming vehicle in a head-on crash.
  • Bridge Barrier is designed to restrain vehicles from crashing off the side of a bridge and falling onto the roadway, river or railroad below.
  • Work Zone Barriers are used to protect traffic from hazards in work zones. They can be relocated as conditions change in the road works.
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