About Us

Who We Are

Servosteel is a Turkish machine manufacturing company, who serves its customers more than a decade. The main business area is the design and production of the press feeding systems. We maintain tailor made design, as all machines and the lines are designed according to the customer requirement.


Everything started in a small workshop, when the young engineers came together and decided to produce cost-effective and easy-controllable press feeding systems. Servosteel today exports its machinery to more than 48 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and even in Far East. More than 27 qualified, experienced and dedicated employees are combining their efforts to make the automatic machines accessible for every facilities.

Our Products

Hydraulic Decoilers
Mechanical Decoilers
Double Head Mechanical Decoiler
Double head Decoilers
Cased Servo Feeders
Mini Servo Feeder System
Mini Servo Feeders
Mini Servo Feeder with Straightener
Straightener Servo Feeders
Coil Slitting Lines
Compact Lines
Cut to Length Lines


Servosteel designs, produces and supplies the complete Roll Forming Lines, in any design, according to customer requirements. Our Roll Forming Machines are capable to work both with the coiled strip and precut lengths.

Roll forming lines are appropriate solution for the production of different items like:

  • Scaffolding Production Line
  • Solar Panel Production Line
  • Road Barrier Production Line
  • Cable Tray Production Line
  • Metal Roof Tile Production Line
  • Metal Shelf Production Line

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Roll Forming Line from Turkey