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Steel Makina works with a team of experienced engineers to ensure 100% satisfaction in terms of quality in AR-GE.

The founders of STEEL Machine and Mold Ind. Set Co. -who are experienced  professionals in the sector- had adopted customer satisfaction and working without compromising ethical commercial comprehension -by using quality workmanship and material- as principle. STEEL’s experienced engineering team is working in its RE-DE department to ensure hundred percent satisfaction in respect of quality. STEEL Machine is working on the most significant and sensitive parts of manufacturing sector such as production lines, machines, apparatus and technical support systems -working as per hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical principles, and being controlled y PLC system-, and it is manufacturing all these in the most qualified manner as per
engineering criteria

Some of our products may be listed as cut-tolength line, compact press feeder line, servo feeder line, steel roll straightening machines, hydraulic decoilers, mechanical deoilers, and MDS servo feeder machines.

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Our professional team provides you exclusive genius solutions while producing your specific machine.

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It consists of competent people in the field of 25 people and, if necessary, retains the place and handles the progeny on the promised date.

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It is a special delivery, it was a bit hesitant at the beginning but it was a delivery like we wanted it, thank you.

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Servo Drivers we wanted on the promised date came. A Compassionate and Solution Producing Team

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